MYP Inquiry questions (Period 1)

Big question 1: How can change improve people’s lives?

Factual: What are the characteristics of a change/invention?

Conceptual: What is a change? What is an invention?

Debatable: To what extent are societies affected by inventions?


Assessment 1st sem 2016

Period 1: Unit 1 “How can change improve people’s lives?”

23 Marzo (PT): Integrated skills test

6 Abril (PT):  Written production: Essay

25 Abril (ED): Collaborative project:  “Inventions Fair”

Period 2: Unit 3 “How are relationships with others important?” 

18 de Mayo (ED): Literary option: i Movie project

3 de Junio (ED): Debate

13 Junio (PT): Trinity exam prep: Long-Reading, Multi-text Reading, Reading Into Writing


Structure Test: Unit 1″How can change improve people’s lives?” Wednesday, 23 March

Content and Skills:

1) Reading Comprehension: Trinity format, long reading about Refugees. (Main idea, secondary ideas and vocabulary in context)

2) Listening Comprehension: Main idea, secondary ideas and details, vocabulary in context.

3) Writing: Descriptive Essay

4) Vocabulary and Grammar: Key Words from reading 1 + Order of Adjectives


A) Keystone C Textbook: Unit 1 “How can change improve people’s lives?” (pp 51, 54-60)

B) Class Website Material (posts, videos, explanations, examples, online practice)

C) Photocopied Material (pasted and/or student’s folder)

Women’s fight to vote

Watch the following video and take note of at least 10 facts:

Now, answer the following questions:

  1. When did women achieve the right to vote?
  2. What did a group of women do outside the White House in 1917?
  3. How were those women penalized?
  4. How was the quality of food those women received in jail?
  5. What did Alice Paul do in order to protest?
  6. How many female voters were not registered in the las presidential election?

Descriptive essay

Writing: “Descriptive Essay”

What is a descriptive essay?

How does a descriptive essay look like?

This is how you should divide the information on your descriptive essay:

Or… if you prefer… like this:

In order to plan your opinion essay you have to use the following template:


Write a 70-100-word descriptive essay about the member of the Fugees or the famous soccer star of the activity you previously did.  Refer to:

  • His/her physical traits
  • His/her psychological traits
  • His/her skills and achievements

Use the sequence of adjectives previously learnt in class. Before you start, plan your writing in the template provided by your teacher.



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Miss Vera’s group)

Dear all,

The book we will read this semester is “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Before start reading the book, let’s watch the following video and learn some new vocabulary.

Now, click here and answer the question: What is the difference between humans and androids?

Then, go to Cambridge Dictionary to find the meaning of the words below. Copy the definition of each of them in your copybooks!

 Bounty Hunter – Dystopia -Empathy – Newspeak – Utopia